Sabrina Salice
Singer Songwriter


Sabrina is an emerging artist who at just 20 years old has power house vocals dripping with soul and emotion. If you've been waiting for an Adele and Avicii collaboration, Sabrina's first single, 'I'm All In,' is for you. Her lustrous voice backed by an energetic and addictive dance music inspired track is sure to be this summers theme song. A classically trained mezzo-soprano influenced by early pop and the grittiness of classic rock, Sabrina has taken full control of her voice to create her unique sound. A show-woman at heart and a truly dynamic performer, you're guaranteed a musical sucker punch to the gut if you're able to catch this 5'3" fire cracker on stage. 

 When asked what drove Sabrina to drop everything and move to New York to pursue music, she talks about her love of performing that comes second only to her desire to be a positive role model. Aiming for charm over sex appeal, and honesty over an artist persona, Sabrina is the gorgeous, down to earth girl we all want to just hang out with. She paved her way onto the music scene starting with nothing but Internet research to guide her. Now, working with Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga), Sabrina is on her way to becoming a pop sensation. 

 With her first EP just completed, Sabrina has more songs on the way showing off her ridiculous range and huge sound. Her 'no holds barred' attitude is taking her on the road whenever she's not in the studio. Performing at small venues to get up and close and personal with fans, Sabrina is bringing a new level of intimacy to the pop music genre.